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Lashes with Panache   formerly known as "FabuLashX"

  1. Monik was so amazing! I was hesitant about getting my eyelashes done at all, but she made it such a pleasant experience and I am so thrilled with how well she did my lashes! If I could rate higher I would
    Brianna J July18,2016
  2. loved loved loved! she did such an amazing job on my lashes! it was so relaxing and she is so precise and overall just dome amazing work. i had no issues!
    Kammy N. July18,2016
  3. Love my lashes good service, good customer service Great prices. Love love love my lashes!!!!!!!!!
    Ashley C. July14,2016
  4. Lashes look great. It didn't take too long to get them put in and they don't even need mascara. It has only been a week. I hope they last because they look very good and very natural.
    Rose F. September 01,2016
  5. Monique is fantastic! Love her
    Allison R. July 11,2016
  6. This is the best ever! What a great treat for yourself. Mobil is a super sweet lady, I will enjoy doing business with her
    Angie M. June 20,2016
  7. "Monik did a great job! I was very happy with the way my lashes turned out! gorgeous! I will definitely be going back to her again! "
    Katrina C June 15 ,2016
  8. "Monik is by far the best in the industry. She's very educated on what she does and her talent and education shows in the final product! Extremely professional and a joy to visit!"
    Jamie L. February 20,2016
  9. "I love Monik! Definitely book your next appointment here!"
    Debbie B. February 18,2016
  10. Monik is amazing! She is so great at lashes, gentle, professional and does a wonderful job every time and can't beat her prices!!!!
    Christina H. March 15,2016
  11. Amazing service ! Lashes are AWESOME!
    Loren M. February 12,2016
  12. fantastic job!! I have had lashes put on before, and my eyes were quite irritated. But not this time. They were exactly what I was looking for.
    Jodi P. April 01,2016